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At Autentik Garden, we have chosen not to be mere spectators in the face of climate change, but to act as committed actors in the protection of our precious environment. We are fully aware of the impact that tourism can have on climate change, but we firmly believe that it is possible to mitigate, or even eliminate, its harmful effects. While our contribution may seem modest on a global scale, our goal is to convince you that it is entirely possible to have a wonderful vacation with us, with the assurance that it will have the least possible impact on the environment through our recommended actions.

Our proposition is simple: we encourage you to take action in favor of the environment during your stay with us. We invite you to join our initiative and adopt nature-friendly practices. Together, we can contribute to preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.

But our commitment does not stop there. We also recognize our social responsibility towards the local community. That is why we prioritize the recruitment of our employees from the village and its surrounding areas. We aspire to ensure that the positive impact of tourism becomes tangible for the residents of our region.

To reduce your ecological footprint without compromising the quality of your vacation, we have implemented a series of concrete measures. These include encouraging you to adopt eco-responsible practices such as efficient water and energy management, waste sorting, the use of environmentally friendly products, and much more. Our team is also available to provide you with advice and recommendations on how to minimize your impact on the environment during your stay with us.

By choosing to spend your vacation at Autentik Garden, you are opting for a responsible and engaged stay. We invite you to join us in this endeavor and experience unforgettable moments while actively contributing to the preservation of our beautiful planet.


From the design stage of our Autentik Garden residence, our architect has focused on optimal natural ventilation of the building, thus promoting minimal use of air conditioning. We firmly believe that by adopting environmentally-friendly solutions, we can reduce the impact of our residence on climate change.

Therefore, we have incorporated an intelligent system in each apartment that automatically cuts off the electrical circuit when you are not present. This feature ensures more efficient use of electricity, significantly reducing energy consumption when you are not in your apartment. You can leave with peace of mind, knowing that you are actively contributing to environmental preservation by reducing your energy footprint. Only the refrigerator remains on, ensuring the preservation of your fresh food.

Furthermore, all our light sources are equipped with LED lights, offering reduced electricity consumption. We also encourage our residents to turn off unnecessary lights to further decrease energy consumption.

The energy consumption of our electrical appliances is a major concern for us. That's why all the appliances in the residence are rated A+ or A++ in terms of energy consumption. We also encourage you to use these appliances consciously, avoiding running them when they are not full. This simple practice helps reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption.

We also place great importance on responsible water management. The garden irrigation and pool filling are done using rainwater harvesting, thus preserving precious drinking water resources. You can fully enjoy the garden and pool, knowing that your pleasure has no impact on water availability in the region. With our reservoirs, you will have no water-related constraints.

In our bathrooms, we have installed smart showerheads that, with your participation, can save up to 50% of water without compromising the shower experience. These modern fixtures raise awareness of the importance of preserving this precious resource, shared with other residents of Bel Ombre.

Finally, we utilize solar energy to heat water in our residence. This renewable and abundant energy source in Mauritius is integrated into our solar water heaters, ensuring an ecological and sustainable supply for all apartments. Thus, you can enjoy hot water with peace of mind, knowing that it is produced without any harmful consequences to the environment.

At Autentik Garden, we take pride in our commitment to environmental preservation. By staying with us, you can be confident that you are enjoying a comfortable environment while also reducing your ecological footprint. Through this responsible approach, we aim to encourage our residents to actively participate in the transition to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly consumption. Together, we can make a real difference for the future of our planet.


Within the village, you will find several restaurants and shops at your disposal. To contribute to the preservation of the environment, we encourage you to prioritize walking to local shops instead of traveling to more distant establishments. By doing so, you will save energy, avoid pollution, and support the local small businesses, enabling them to earn a decent living from their work.

To ensure your safety and reduce the use of plastic bottles that seriously pollute our environment, we provide a filtered drinking water fountain free of pathogens. Fill your bottles for free and significantly reduce the use of plastic bottles while visually preserving our environment. Additionally, you will spare yourself the chore of carrying water packs.

In order to limit the use of plastic bags, we provide fabric tote bags for your use. Simply ask our staff for the number of bags needed for your shopping. By opting for this solution, you contribute to the reduction of plastic waste that ends up in nature.

To take care of our lagoon and support environmental preservation, we offer a range of organic sun care products locally made in Mauritius. By choosing these products instead of mainstream ones that have a harmful effect on coral reefs, you also support the development of a local Mauritian enterprise while actively becoming a protector of our environment.

In our commitment to reducing single-use plastics, we use washable, reusable, or recyclable straws. By ceasing to purchase plastic straws, we contribute to preventing them from ending up on beaches and in the sea, thereby preserving our marine ecosystem.

To encourage the recycling of plastic bottles, we have implemented a collection bin located behind the building. By sorting the plastic packaging you may have used, you contribute to their recycling, thus reducing their environmental impact. However, we encourage you to prioritize the use of non-plastic packaging.

Finally, to valorize our green waste, a compost bin is available behind the building. By sorting your green waste, you help us produce our own compost, which serves as a natural fertilizer for our garden, promoting an ecological approach to agriculture.

By adopting these environmentally friendly initiatives, you actively contribute to the preservation of our planet and the construction of a sustainable future for all.


At Autentik Garden Residence, we take our social responsibility towards our employees and community very seriously. We are a company that believes in the importance of supporting the people and communities around us.

We have a hiring policy that prioritizes residents from the village or nearby villages. We aim to help create jobs and support local economies. Additionally, we have a program that allows our guests to contribute to a fund that provides meals to villagers who don't have regular access to them. In certain restaurants in the village, we offer our guests the opportunity to donate to this fund and help feed those in need.

We are also committed to supporting local education. We kindly ask our guests to bring some basic school supplies, which we will donate to the village school to assist students in their studies.

At Autentik Garden, we believe these initiatives are essential in creating a positive impact on the communities we serve. We take pride in our commitment to social responsibility, and we will continue to work hard to support our employees and local communities.


If the dates you have in mind are unavailable, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit the website of our second tourist residence, Résidence Les Alizés. Conveniently located just fifteen minutes away from Autentik Garden, it provides a fantastic alternative for your stay.

We understand the importance of flexibility in travel plans. Our team will gladly assist you in finding the best solution, whether it's at our main residence, Autentik Garden, or at Résidence Les Alizés.

Résidence Les Alizés offers an exceptional experience with quality accommodations, an enchanting setting, and proximity to the main attractions of the region. For more information on availability and prices, please refer to our website.

We are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is truly unforgettable, whether you choose Autentik Garden or Résidence Les Alizés. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or reservations.

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